There is a saying in photography world that to create the most authentic images, one must know his or her subject inside and out. For Ashley, horses have been that element. As a lifelong equestrian, competitor, and admirer of horses, her work reflects a deeper knowledge and passion for these sensitive and beautiful creatures. She strives to transcend the equine world through fashion and fine art and uses her lifetime of experience surrounded by these animals to capture a sense of personality, mystique, and true beauty using studio lighting on location and a horsewoman's eye in the arena and around the equestrian estate. A Vermont native and New York City resident, Ashley gleans inspiration from these starkly different yet equally captivating locations. The lights and glamour of New York City have been the catalyst for her high fashion imagery, while the serenity of Vermont maintains a feeling of grounded calm which is evident in her work. Granddaughter of New York City photographer, Marcus Neuhof, Ashley believes in her work coming full circle and throughout her quest for authentic imagery, her journey has led her back to where her heart truly resides: with the horses. Her client list includes some of the world's top brands including Rolex Watch Inc, Land Rover/Jaguar, Maybach Icons of Luxury and her work has been regularly featured in The Chronicle of the Horse, Horse & Style Magazine, Forbes Magazine, AdWeek, and SoHo Photo Gallery in New York City