Worldwide Equestrian Sport and Lifestyle Photography


Ashley Neuhof has rapidly become one of the most sought-after photographers on the worldwide equestrian circuit, known for her uncanny ability to capture exquisite moments both in the arena and behind the scenes. Her images have been commissioned by top brands and are published frequently in luxury lifestyle magazines worldwide. Her fine art style of portraiture and candid sports imagery continues to drive a modern approach to the visual experience of the equestrian market. 

Private Client Boutique Photography


Private clients of Ashley Neuhof Photography enjoy a boutique style portfolio of exquisitely captured moments of their time in and around the equestrian competition arena. We only accept a small number of riders in order to maintain individual coverage consistently and at the highest standard by one devoted photographer.    

We accept a very limited number of private clients at The Winter Equestrian Festival and The Global Champions Tour. Special arrangements for additional events available upon request. For inquiries on how to become a private client, please email:

Private Commissioned Portraits  


Professional studio portraits have become a signature of Ashley Neuhof Photography and are available on location of clients’ barns. We use a studio fashion lighting approach to create stunning large format images and our techniques and printing practices have been fine-tuned to offer museum quality art pieces for your home of your special equine partner.